For Heidi Dednam the founder of GAVA Explorations, the desert is a passion. She has travelled the world, exploring deserts from Africa’s Namib to the Negev Desert in Israel, and from Anza Borrega in Southern California to the frozen desserts that lie off the coast of Canada. After 10 years as a park ranger and guide in Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania and Canada, Heidi realised that there was a shortage of specialised safaris into the more remote areas of Africa. That many people were captivated by their first African visit and returned wanting something more from a safari than traditional game spotting. They wanted to experience Africa, not just see it.

And so GAVA Explorations was born, incorporated by Heidi Dednam, and Wim Dednam in 1999. A specialised company offering intense safaris that let you explore the real Africa. A team of experts that shows you the big picture, from animals to plants, from desert sands to night skies. That takes you to some of the wildest and most remote areas of Africa, while surrounding you with the comfort of lodges or more traditional bush safaris.