Our two-week birding safaris are really specialist safaris, focused on people who love birds. We have scaled down accommodation to make these tailor-made trips as affordable as possible to keen birders. The safaris are structured in such a way that there are enough activities for non-birding partners to enjoy as well. We wish to emphasise that during these safaris clients also see a large variety of landscapes, plants as well as animals both large and small.

Birding in Namibia can be quite spectacular, with over 600 species regularly recorded, including 1 true endemic and 29 near-endemic bird species. With nearly 100 species are unique to this arid region, from desert dunes to flamingos in the ocean. A wide variety of habitats, ranging from extreme desert to thorntree savanna to subtropical riverine and swamp habitats are covered, which makes it an interesting and unusual country in which to bird, a rich and rewarding experience.

Notable Features

Southern Africa, or Tanzania, Kenya

  • Namibia: Dune lark (Calendulauda erythrochlamys), including 1 true endemic and 29 near-endemic bird species.
  • Etosha National Park and Bwabwata National Park offers excellent game viewing typical of unspoiled, wild Africa. Namibia has a lot to offer in the way of birds, some 680 species of birds, mostly African.
  • Best time of year to come are summer months September – March.
  • Typical weather at best times, hot summer days and balmy nights, temperatures in the high 20’s °C (80+ °F).
  • Typical Distance Covered; up to 3 000 km (1 850 miles).


– The Land That Time Forgot –


– Where the Lions Roam –


– Land of Golden Light –


– Beyond Wild Waters –

Zambezi Caprivi

– Land of Dreams –

South Africa